MOBENERGY LLC was created out of a growing concern and vacant market for young athletes, ages 5 and up. Here is our story, our son was born with a heart condition and had an extended stay in the hospital due to his heart and lungs. We were told that we will have to have bi-annual check ups to monitor his heart. As time went on, our little athlete was riding BMX at age three, on motorcycles at three and racing at 4. We could not keep him down!

As he grew older, unknown to us, his heart became a greater concern and we were notified that he would need surgery at age 6 to fix this condition. At age 6 we were in full MX mode racing and practicing and having a great time meeting a great bunch of people that have been and were so supportive through out this time. After a grueling hospital visit and surgery we were able to breath again. The very first thing our son asked the doctor was “when can I race again?” With an awkward look and moment of silence the doctor replied with “Let’s see how you heal up.” The second question to the doctor was “can I drink and energy drink?” The immediate response was NO! Never!

After 6 weeks our little athlete was on the racetrack and back at it, and over the next three years of countless hours of research, we started to develop MOB ENERGY – the first and only energy drink for kids. A drink that his doctor approved and specifically designed for kids to maintain the energy and balance of your young athlete. What we refer to as the “only clean drink available.”